Minor Neurosurgery

Frankston Private Hospital’s state of the art operating theatres, wards and nursing staff are fully equipped to support the treatment of a range of Neurological conditions. 
Our highly trained Neurosurgeons, provide both elective Neuro/ Spinal surgery. 

Neurosurgery at Frankston Private Hospital is provided for lumbar and cervical surgery.

Neurosurgical procedures can be performed to release pressure of nerves, decrease pain and return quality to a patient’s life.

Neurosurgical Procedures 

Procedures offered at Frankston Private Hospital include but not limited to:

Discectomy: The removal of all or part of the disc between the spinal vertebrae that is causing pressure on the nerves.

Microdiscectomy: A minimally invasive surgery to remove portions of a herniated discs.


Multi-disciplinary Care

Support includes a team of allied health including a physiotherapist, dietician, speech therapy and social work.

The multidisciplinary team provide patient education, spinal support, exercises and activities to avoid further spinal damage.

The physiotherapist in conjunction with our doctors and nursing staff design an ongoing physiotherapy program.


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